The Ring/Proposal Ideas

I’m not a person who does well with subtlety. It generally goes right over my head, eventually making me feel clueless or it annoys me that someone might have been, intentionally or not, trying to make me feel clueless and that they were so bad at it that I’m on to them. It’s a vicious cycle.

That said, in perhaps the only instance of my life, I figured out something before any sort of hints, subtle or otherwise, even had time to be dropped, much less misunderstood. Sylvia knows me and my battle with subtlety very well, but when she told me over Skype at the beginning of September that she wanted to get married, my internal response was, “well duh, I put money down on the ring back in June.” It was only later that I realized she hadn’t really given me any hints beforehand and that this was her way of dropping the hint. I had just known that it was going to be time soon and I had already acknowledged to myself that it was time to plan for it.

In June after having revealed my intentions to Sylvia’s mom, Diane, we both headed down to Eve J. Alfillé’s studio to lock down the ring. I say lock down as opposed to pick out because I already knew the ring that Sylvia wanted from an offhand conversation and visit we’d had to the shop in January of 2010. Yes I tend to ferret away information that I think will likely be useful later. I wasn’t expecting to see the same ring again after so long because it was beautiful and Sylvia’s size already. That would have been too perfect. However, after walking into the shop and doing a cursory glance around in the case where I saw it ages before, I noticed that the exact same ring, against all odds, was still hanging out waiting to be purchased. The lady in the shop was more than perplexed at the idea of someone walking in and knowing exactly what they wanted without any interest in looking around. Diane recommended that I humor her in the unlikely event that I saw something that I thought Sylvia would like better, but nothing stuck out in a good way. I cut a check for a chunk of the cost and we were out of there.

With that sorted, I had a few months to figure out exactly how I was going to propose. I’m not that much of a romantic, but I do tend to come through in spectacularly Mr. Magoo-esque style from time to time. I wanted to break that habit and do something really great for the sake of putting on a totally top-down romantic experience. Well that and Sylvia always joked that I had to propose right or she reserved the right to tell me to try again. For those of you that don’t think that’s hilarious, relax. It is funny to us. Going in, all I knew was that I wanted to propose in September, in London, while I was there on business and she was finishing up her Masters program through the University of Surrey. However, the reality soon set in that trying to come up with any proposal ideas, much less a romantic idea, for a city across the Atlantic that I wasn’t that familiar with was possibly a bit too much.

Then in July, I was having a conversation with Sylvia’s best friend, Chitra, regarding what we thought was possible and that Sylvia would like. We both randomly suggested the London Eye at the same time and that was that. I think our twin-logic revolved around a conversation all three of us had had back in April on my first trip to London. Sylvia was lamenting that she wanted to go on the London Eye and I was resisting as I have a moderate distrust of heights in general. Chitra offered to take her, which she was excited about, but they had never actually made it up there since it was discussed originally. With the ring secured and a vaguely good idea of where, I had a couple of months to work on the how.


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One Response to “The Ring/Proposal Ideas”

  1. Rebecca Del Savio Says:

    I think you did a great job with the ring, the box, and certainly the lady. I like your style, but then again I always thought you were way cool. I am really proud of you. A son any mom would smile and think, “WOW”!!

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