When I moved to Chicago back in 2005, I didn’t have Internet for like a month as I was busy trying to find work, in the process of getting moved in, trying to save a little bit of money and scheduling with ISPs just happened to be downright impossible at that time. I remember when I finally got it installed how relieved I was to have it but then also realizing that I did just fine without any of it. It did a great thing in curbing a lot of time wasting habits that I’d accumulated up to that point and has, to the day, still been influential in my being able to mostly determine and avoid further Internet tunnel-like problems.

I just returned from a three week stint in London and I largely didn’t have Internet access while I was there. The first apartment I was in for a week did have great access. There was even a router in the living room where I spent most of my home time. The second apartment I was in for two weeks had one of those weird building hot-spot kind of access points that just didn’t really reach the unit I was in, so if I wanted to check my email, I had to walk like 150 feet to the stairwell/elevator to get a signal. For a couple of days, I figured what the hell, I haven’t felt like a teenager/college student in a while, why not hang out in the stairwell so I can get my fix? Then the novelty wore off and I started looking for better access because seriously, who sits in a stairwell to do anything if they don’t have to? There wasn’t much I could do with the sweet connection at work either because…well I was sent there to work and we were kind of busy. I did find out that there were public hot-spots within range that I could expense so I tried that to very mixed success. As the trip went on, that’s what I had, stairwell access that was guaranteed to work, but required me to look like a bum in a stairwell or access I paid for but wasn’t exactly reliable for much of anything other than barely checking my email. I eventually got to the point where I just stopped checking the Internet at all other than heading to the stairwell for 10 minutes at night to check my email. It’s the closest I’ve been to that time just after I moved to Chicago and had no Internet access at all. This time around it was actually kind of horrible and has me thinking that we truly have passed the point where being completely unconnected might have been considered kind of a good thing and I’m saying that as someone who can’t even make the time to be a part of social media outside of this truck-stop bathroom wall.

Now that I’m home and have had a chance to seriously catch up on the Internet, I’m proud to say that I’ve managed to catch up on everything except for the monster that is in something like an hour or so (what else am I supposed to do with jet lag on a Sunday morning at 6 am?) and that I’ll probably get tired of in about an hour, so that’s like three hours maximum to get back in and comfy with that old friend I call the Internet. I can’t tell if that’s an obscenely short amount of time or way too long, but thinking about it further, three hours now is essentially one hour for the last three days that I didn’t check anything other than email, so that means I’m averaging about an hour a day, which now sounds like way too much to me. I dunno, I’m going to try and get off of here before I lose my mind some more.


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