I think people would generally be a lot happier if they were able to stop for a few minutes a day and actively remember that most of the time that someone is trying to get you to do or buy something, it’s not necessarily about any interest they have for you, but there is a sale going on. Even if money isn’t involved, we all are trying to sell something, perhaps and idea or a perspective, either to each other. It sounds cynical, and it is, but honestly in this day and age, I credit some of the remaining sanity that I have with being actively aware that someone is likely trying to sell me something probably at any given time on any given day. Sometimes I don’t mind or even like it because the art of the sale isn’t just about the sale itself, but the act/art of communication is so fiercely intertwined that really interesting conversations and friendships can come from a really good sale.

Other times though, it’s just annoying and stepping back and saying, “really, I’m supposed to have what colored what at my wedding?” or “what do you mean I’m supposed to buy this thing? Is it really necessary? Yeesh, please.” If someone is trying to sell me what fun is, I always end up wondering who thought those shoes were fun, how they enable that fun and how did they convince that lady to smile like that at that angle when she’s on a blank background? I’d be worried I was tumbling through a blank universe. And that is the exact kind or reasoning that distracts me long enough to remember that fun can’t really be sold so I shouldn’t buy into something without being aware of just what the hell I’m doing.

You know what is fun though? Food. I always know where I am with that, especially if I’m cooking it myself. That’s right, I’m a total domestic and you know what? It’s fun.


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