Talking about the Honeymoon

While she was studying in England, Sylvia picked up this really neat scratch map. She’s traveled a ton already and traveling is something she loves to do. She’s passed a bit of the bug on to me too, but I’ll probably never have the wanderlust like she does. Anyway, once she came home, we decided to have the map mounted and framed so we could hang it up and keep track of everywhere that we (she) had traveled and it’s had a few amusing side effects.

Once she’d scratched off all of the places she’d been to, Sylvia convinced herself that she’s never traveled anywhere based on the fact that all of Western Europe is really small geographically. Even when she scratched off India (which is not a small country), she felt like the rest of the world was looming and taunting her. This has bled into the second side effect of deciding on where we’re going for our honeymoon. I’ve already said I don’t want to do Hawaii because it seems too conventional and I’d rather go there on an a vacation and not a honeymoon. I know this seems probably a bit backward and all, but even if it is 4 time zones away from Chicago, it doesn’t seem like a long enough journey or foreign enough. A honeymoon to me is the chance to go on a wild adventure somewhere and quite possibly get into situations where you don’t speak the language and make your way however you can regardless how good or bad the situation. You know, adventure! That’s not something I see happening in Hawaii only because it’s technically part of the States, even if it isn’t continental.

Sylvia thinks I’m a bit nuts about it, but at least we both ultimately agree that we want to travel somewhere & somewhere far. Because of the scratch map though, she’s starting to get ideas on places to go for the honeymoon that do meet the requirement of being far away and potentially adventurous, but also meet her secondary requirement of being really large countries. She denied wanting to go to Russia when I suggested it sarcastically, but I could see in her eyes that what she really wanted to say was, “don’t make me out to be that predictable.” Brazil is certainly big enough for her map and I wouldn’t mind going, but the one thing that came up was Antarctica. It was kind of a joke and for about an hour, I took it seriously because, come on, who goes to Antarctica for their honeymoon?! Then I started looking at what it cost to fly, much less do an expedition in Antarctica & I don’t think we’d be able to swing from $25,000 per person to go to the South Pole no matter how effing rad that would be. It’s bad though because even though I know we’d never be able to afford that, once I found this website, I’ve been checking out each ship to see if there’s even a cruise that started at less than $4,000, but no. That is so not happening. Soooooo not happening.

Patagonia could be a lot of fun too and that would also scratch off a pretty large section of South America. I’ve always wanted to see Machu Picchu which we could do as part of the trip. The food would be good, there’s plenty of room for adventure, I think it could fulfill all of our requirements and the stories from that region would be awesome. I’m not going to bother looking at what it’d cost because that’d probably just be disheartening and I’d rather that happen later rather than just after finding out that Antarctica is out.

Oh well. I’m not entirely sure where we’ll end up going because it’s kind of early to be booking anything for next Fall, but it is kind of fun talking about it now. I’m sure I’ll have to follow up whenever we figure out where we’re going. Hopefully it won’t be super anti-climactic or anything. You know, I’d hate to write about how awesome it would be to go to Antarctica or Patagonia and then be all, “we’re going to Canada.” Actually, this thing in British Columbia does sound kind of fun though…


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