Wedding Part One

Ryan’s note: I just cross-posted this here from Thoughts from a Groom because I felt it was bigger than just about the wedding.

We did it! Just two weeks ago, Sylvia and I stood in front of our friends and family and declared our intention to marry and spend our lives together. I don’t have any real photos to share at the moment and I’ll make a separate post when I do just to go over a few specifically. Everything about the day itself and the days leading up to it as well as the days afterwards have been such a full and wonderful experience that the aftermath has been a bit of a shock, but I’ll get into that in a bit. All in all, I’d say that I’m pretty happy about everything, regardless of anything that could have potentially gotten in the way or gone wrong.

The week of the wedding was actually not nearly so crazy as I was expecting it was going to be. The only real energy came from the guests that started arriving about three or four days before the big day. There wasn’t much in the way of prep work to be done by either Sylvia or I. Pretty much everything that had to be created/assembled had already been done and the only real thing left was some communication with vendors, which Sylvia handled just fine. There was even one day, Thursday I think, where Sylvia, Chitra and I were sitting on the couch just kind of looking at each other thinking, “okay, so what do we do now?” When the guests started coming in is when things started to really feel like they were moving. When Friday rolled around, that’s when the bulk of everyone showed up and we pretty much spent the day greeting people as they came in before heading back to the house to get ready for the rehearsal dinner.

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect for the rehearsal dinner even though I knew exactly how the mechanics of the event itself was going to go. One of the most nervous points of the whole weekend was when everyone started coming in. The wedding weekend was perhaps the third or fourth occasion in my entire life where both my mom’s family and my dad’s family were in the same room together and the rehearsal dinner was the first time I’d seen some of them in a while, much less all in the same room. Somebody probably could tell the panic in my face and asked me if I wanted something to drink, which I totally took them up on. Once I had that and a bit of appetizer (I couldn’t remember the last time I’d eaten) in me, then I was fine. It was all just wonderful and lovely and it was so nice to have everyone together for the first time of the weekend. I didn’t realize that none of my attendants had actually met before and it was kind of striking that they all got along so well so fast. I would almost swear they were friends long before they showed up.

Saturday was a really nice, relatively low key day. I woke up early to go have breakfast with my family, which ended up turning into a 17 person affair of epic proportions. It was all very nice and thankfully I wasn’t as self conscious about the family mixing as I was the night before. It’s not like anyone dislikes anyone, they just never have a reason to be in the same place at the same time, so the rarity of it is just strange to me. Anyway, once everyone headed off toward their tourism destinations of the day, I went back and got Sylvia and we headed over to the venue for the dress rehearsal. It was nice to see the space and talk to a few of the vendors and just get a general feel for what was going on actually standing in the space. Our minions/bodyguards even decided on an impromptu choreographed routine they’d dance on Sunday, so that kept them busy for a bit. Once we were all in the clear and had a solid idea of just how the ceremony was going to go, I took Sylvia and Chitra downtown to be in seclusion or whatever it is that you call it the day before the wedding.

After that point, it was just Katy, Trish and I and we totally had a chill afternoon/evening that was totally needed. We went and ate pizza, I took them to buy some liquor/beer and we just hung out at the house listening to music, having a couple of drinks, playing some games and just talking. It was about the opposite experience that Sylvia had downtown surrounded by all of her friends and I was totally okay with that. I’m just a more low key person and having that low key experience the night before the wedding was just what I needed to rest prior to the big day.

Of course, I woke up way earlier than I needed to on Sunday due to a combination of being an early riser by nature and my mom calling me in a panic because the one thing she shipped to the house that she didn’t have was her shoes, so I made sure that Katy took them down with her when she left to go get her hair/makeup done with Sylvia and the moms and the lady-attendants. At that point, it was just Trish and I and we basically just had a super lazy morning of getting ready and got to the venue way earlier than we needed to just out of boredom. I had a minor panic attack because I’d forgotten the new method of tying a tie but I managed to remember it after about an hour.

Then everyone started showing up, mostly vendors at first, but slowly other friend/family started to trickle in and it was nice to not only say hi to people I hadn’t seen in a while, but to meet people I just hadn’t met before. Then the first bus showed up and it was at that point that everything kind of started to blur a bit. At one point I was told to stay out of certain areas because Sylvia was there and at another point I was handed a card she meant to give me the night prior and it was the sweetest thing ever, which of course only managed to heighten my mood higher than it already was. Then it was time to get down the aisle with the mothers, then everyone else came in, then I saw Sylvia at the top of the stairs and totally lost it. Then she came down, stood next to me and we totally got married.


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